MiriSys China beginning at July 1st, 2020

MiriSys Software, s.r.o. (Zlin, Czech Republic) announce that Mirisys China will be in operation from July 1st, 2020.


MiriSys Software, s.r.o. (Zlin, Czech Republic) announces that Mirisys China will be in operation from July 1st, 2020.  says MiriSys Managing Director Richard Freml.  He added, “Streamlining our sales, support and marketing offerings in this way will greatly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers in China and Asia.” Pan Wenwei of MiriSys China said, “Our two companies have worked closely together for many years and this new company will help make our global efforts even stronger.”

About MiriSys Software, s.r.o.:

MiriSys Software s.r.o. develops and sells CAD/CAM/MRP systems for industries including furniture, automotive, footwear, garment and luxury goods.  Their team has been engaged in the development and sale of systems for more than 26 years. Their systems have been installed in hundreds of companies in more than twenty-five countries.  The company is primarily focused on the development of software that helps increase efficiency and profitability in their customers’ cutting room operations.  Other affiliates are MiriSys Poland, MiriSys North America and MiriSys Germany as well as other sales partners.


About MiriSys China:

MiriSys China provides software, hardware and support in Chinese. Sales, support and demonstration systems are headquartered in Shanghai, China.



Richard Freml
Managing Director
MiriSys Software, s.r.o.
Na Slanici 444, 763 02 Zlin, Czech Republic
Email: Info@MiriSys.com
Phone: +420 577 019 482


Pan Wenwei
Managing Director
MiriSys China
No.172, Minxing Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200433, China
Email: Info@MiriSys.com.cn
Phone:  +86 21 38910153

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