Expanding cooperation between Eissmann and MiriSys

The Eissmann Groupe Automotive evolved over 55 years to become a leading international manufacturer of high-end shifter modules, trim components and full car interiors. The long-term competitive standing of the company is underpinned by a solid tradition of innovation. Eissmann is one of the digital frontrunners and was awarded 2nd place in the Digital Leader Award 2017. With MiriSys, Eissmann found a supplier sharing the same spirit of innovation and continuous development.

The Eissmann Group Automotive and MiriSys started together in 2014, evolving ever since. In 2018 the first industrial 4.0 milestone was reached by fusing together digital solutions from MiriSys with reliable manual cutting processes, throughout the production chain, leading to great success for all parties. Even with the economic uncertainties of 2020, our business relationship was strengthened even more, which will be the next keystone of success for both enterprise environments.

The solutions from MiriSys are always sustainable, helping to save valuable material, enhancing productivity and improving competitive advantages. With MiriSys continuously developing new enterprise solutions we are benefitting to upscale our global production environment steadily and therefore we will always be prepared for future business opportunities.

Based on the excellent cooperation between the two companies, Eissmann decided to use MiriSys products as the exclusive solution for production preparation for the area of cutting fabrics and natural leather in both digitally automated and manual cutting environments.

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