MiriSys Software Revolutionizes Vectorization with Innovative Multi-Camera Solution

MiriSys Software, s.r.o. is proud to announce the launch of PhotoTrace Multi-Camera, a groundbreaking solution for efficient and accurate template and part vectorization.

This innovative system empowers businesses to seamlessly transition physical templates into the digital realm, streamlining workflows and unlocking new possibilities.

PhotoTrace Multi-Camera: Speed, Precision, and Efficiency Redefined

PhotoTrace Multi-Camera breaks free from the limitations of traditional methods by leveraging the power of multi-camera technology. This cutting-edge approach eliminates the need for expensive, space-consuming single-camera setups, while delivering superior results.

Key Advantages of PhotoTrace Multi-Camera:

  • Unmatched Speed and Accuracy: Achieve exceptional digitization results in record time, capturing intricate details on even the most challenging templates.
  • Cost-Effective Investment: Streamline your workflow and unlock the benefits of digital vectorization without the exorbitant costs associated with traditional methods.
  • Universal Applicability: The space-saving design of PhotoTrace Multi-Camera ensures effortless integration into any work environment, even those with restricted ceiling heights.
  • Scalable for Future Growth: As your business evolves, PhotoTrace Multi-Camera readily adapts to your changing needs. Expand functionalities with features like automated part positioning or a seamless connection to your cutting machine using our unique ScanToCut solution.
  • Industry-Standard Compatibility: Generate files compatible with popular 2D design software (DXF, etc.) for a smooth transition into your existing workflows.

PhotoTrace Multi-Camera empowers businesses of all sizes to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual digitization processes.
  • Achieve unmatched precision for even the most intricate designs.
  • Streamline workflows and unlock greater efficiency.
  • Reduce operational costs associated with traditional methods.
  • Gain a competitive edge with faster turnaround times.

MiriSys Software is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to achieve their full potential. PhotoTrace Multi-Camera is a testament to this commitment, offering a powerful and versatile tool for anyone seeking to streamline their vectorization process and unlock the power of digital fabrication.

Contact MiriSys Software today on www.mirisys.com or send an email to info@mirisys.com to learn more about how PhotoTrace Multi-Camera can revolutionize your approach to template and part vectorization.

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