Plug-in Import

Plug-in Import

Importing data of models from other CAD systems or markers to CutNest.


  • Import of construction data from data formats as DXF, DWG, AAM, AAMA, ASTM, HPGL, ISO, etc.
  • Import of data from many other special data formats (Lectra, Assyst, Gerber, etc.)
  • Automatic recognition of tools (knife, pen, puncher, etc.)
  • Conversion of length units
  • Direct connection to MiriSys nesting or CAD systems


This plug-in enables import of models data from other CAD systems to MiriSys nesting or CAD systems. Models can be imported from standard data formats as well as from other nonstandard formats which are available on request (Lectra, Assyst, Gerber, etc.). Plug-in Import can also do a lot of data optimization, as deleting unnecessary lines, points or conversion of special technological marks.


  • Data preview
  • Quick and user-friendly data conversion
  • Optimization of data
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