Evaluation of recorded statistic data of production on cutters.


  • Recording of statistic information about cut plans into database
  • Reports (tables and charts) for selected time interval
  • Report of production history
  • Report of number of models, pieces, workers, productivity, etc.
  • Printouts of reports


CutStatistic system records the statistic data into database. The source of data is CutNest system, which gathers following information: names of cut plans and models, list and quantity of pieces, time of cutting, material area, waste, efficiency, picture of marker, etc. The CutStatistic application enables to work with database and create reports for selected time interval, shift, worker, materials, models, etc. Following reports are available: History of production, Marker (plan) details, Models/pieces, Worksheet, Workers productivity. All reports can be customized and additional reports can be prepared.


  • Online monitoring of production
  • Remote access to database
  • Export to Excel or other data formats
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