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MRP – Cutting Room Management System

A comprehensive MRP system is used to prepare, plan and monitor the cutting process. It allows planning and optimization the use of production resources, such as: materials, cutting machines and workers.

The system is based on a central SQL database server. It enables the control of the access rights of individual groups of users. A centralized database storage simplifies system administration and increases the security of stored information.

Using the SQL database system makes it easy to connect to existing ERP systems, and it is also possible to customize the functionality of the system for the needs of a customer.

Model Explorer

Management of models designed in UniPDS or imported from another CAD system.

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Plan Explorer

Preparation, Creation, Editation and Management of Production plans.

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Sales Orders

Management of sales orders with direct connection to database of models, material, and customers.

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Production Orders

Creation of new Production Order or conversion of existing Sales Order.

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Material Warehouse

Management of textile materials and database of scanned leather hides.

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Automatic Nesting Server

Fully automatic nesting with the highest utilization of material. Nesting on leather, textile or another synthetic materials.

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Cutting Manager

Module for optimization of cutting for maximum quality and efficiency, and direct communication with cutting machine.

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Capacity Planner

Overview of production capacity of available resources and possibility to prepare schedule of production.

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Administration Module

Tool for efficient management of the MRP system and its advanced settings.

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