CutNest nesting and cutting system

System for nesting of pieces on textile, synthetic and leather materials with possibility of direct output to cutting and drawing machines.


  • Model data from UniPDS or import from other CAD system
  • Adjustment of marker and parameters of pieces
  • Cutting optimization
  • Automatic nesting
  • Interactive nesting
  • Possibility to work with leather shapes and quality areas
  • Stripe and plaid matching
  • Plan checking
  • Direct outputs for cutting and drawing machines


The CutNest allows to create markers with use of interactive or automatic nesting of pieces on requested material size or shape. Markers can be also grouped by customer‘s order when particular number of requested models/products is entered. The CutNest enables direct communication between computer and output devices, such as large format printers, plotters and CNC-cutters.


  • Material savings
  • Improvement of productivity
  • Easy-to-use
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