What is FootwearCAD?

Professional 2D construction and grading system designed for producers of all kinds of shoe and leather goods.


  • Creation of patterns by digitization, import or scanning
  • Editing of lines and points
  • Construction of pieces
  • Technological marks, ornaments
  • Grading
  • Nesting and cutting or drawing of templates


The FootwearCAD is a perfect tool for large companies as well as for mid-sized and small companies. System markedly simplifies designers, modelers and technologists work and is ideal for a complete construction and grading of all pieces and templates of shoemaker design. The system consists of a big range of efficient functions for a modeler base digitalization through parts construction, automatic grading to the templates cutting or drawing.


  • Higher work efficiency
  • Automatization of production preparation
  • Faster response to customer requirements
  • Easy-to-use
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How does it work?

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