MiriSys Exciting News: AutoNest Version 8 Released with Improved Leather Nesting and More!

We’re thrilled to announce a series of upcoming updates and the release of AutoNest version 8! Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks. For now, let’s dive into the exciting features of AutoNest 8.

MiriSys Leather Nesting Takes the Top Spots!

We’ve conducted rigorous benchmarking of the Leather variant in AutoNest 8. We’re proud to announce that MiriSys now offers one of the world’s best automatic leather nesting algorithms! This latest version boasts an overall nesting efficiency improvement of over 1% compared to version 7.

Highlights and New Features of AutoNest 8.0

  • Speed and Efficiency Enhancements: Experience significant improvements for datasets with numerous parts, surfaces with various defects or quality zones, and complex constraint settings.
  • Unleash the Power of Parallel Processing: Leverage up to 128 parallel threads with the MultiCore module
  • Faster First Solution: Achieve the first nesting solution significantly quicker, especially for leather and complex datasets.
  • And Much More! We’ve packed AutoNest 8 with various other improvements to enhance your nesting experience.

MiriSys Nesting Server for Benchmarking AutoNest 8

We’re excited to announce that our brand-new nesting server, specifically designed for benchmarking the latest version of AutoNest 8, is available for testing of your data.

This powerful server is also equipped with a cutting-edge AMD Threadripper Pro processor, boasting 64 cores and 128 threads, ensuring unparalleled performance for evaluating AutoNest 8’s groundbreaking capabilities.

Schedule Your Benchmarking Session Today!

If you’re eager to experience the exceptional nesting efficiency and speed of AutoNest 8, we invite you to schedule a benchmarking session on our new server. Contact us on www.mirisys.com or send email to info@mirisys.com today to secure your spot!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks!

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