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Sorting Manager

The MRP Sorting Manager is usually used together with Plug-in Projection for effective collecting and sorting of cut pieces. Projection displays specified types of pieces defined by bundles (sorting specifications) directly on the cutting table. The complete marker is also displayed on the screen. The sorting criteria are specified by sorting bundles and the pieces can be sorted for example by the models, products, pieces, sizes, etc.
The Plug-in Sorting Manager gives opportunity to mix many models in the nesting plan which increase nesting effectivity.

List of functions:

  • Adjustments of sorting method (by models, products, pieces, sizes, etc.)
  • Preview of marker on screen
  • Projection of sorted pieces directly on the cut material (Plug-in Projection)
  • Switching between sorted bundles
  • Print of labels with bar codes (optional)


  • Saving time of pieces collection
  • Improvemen of sorting quality
  • No more incorrect pieces in bundles
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